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Voicemail Poems, "To Be of The" (July 2020)

The Volta, "Midnight Ambulance" (June 2020)

Action Spectacle, "Baby Likes It Strange" (June 2020)

Sixth Finch, "Plainly," (winter 2020)

Rattle, "Canvasser", (forthcoming June 2019)

Poetry Northwest, "American Sentence," 2018

Heavy Feather Review, "Election Year",2016

The Offing, "Bond Voyage", (Sept. 23, 2016)

City Arts, "Country of Misshapen Apples", City Arts (April 2016)

Passages NorthAll Laments Are Circles”, “That Gentleman’s Romantic Shadow”, Issue 37 (Winter 2016)

InkBrick“January 2nd”, poetry comic, Issue No. 3 (Spring 2015)

Handsome“Interrogation of A Landscape”, Vol. 7, No. 1, (Winter 2015)

Itchy Banquet"4 AM Mind", (Fall 2015)

BOAAT, “The Empty Season”, Volume 3, (Fall 2014)

Cream City Review, “Cloud Nation”, Vol. 38, Issue 2, (Fall 2014)

Yemassee,“This Attic”, Vol. 21, Issue 2, (Spring 2014): 87

The Pinch“Basic Horsemanship (How to Saddle A Horse in Four Parts)”, , Vol. 34, Issue 1 (Spring 2014): 67

Burntdistrict, “Letter To Mucha (1)” and “Letter to Mucha (2)”, Vol. 3, Issue 1 (Winter 2014): 12-13

H_NGM_N, “The Killing Cones”, Issue #16 (May 2014)

books & chaps:

The Merriam Webster Series, chapbook (Spring 2012)

Everyday Eros, artist book, (Spring 2017, Mount Analogue)

the empty season, hybrid poetry collection (Diode Editions 2018)

interviews + reviews:

Review of the empty season by Kim Jacobs-Beck in Gigantic Sequins, Issue 10.1

the empty season selected as one of the "Best New Comics of 2018" by The Comics Journal

Nine Questions with Visual Poet Catherine Bresner, an Interview with Jason Teal for FANZINE

The Poetry Vlog, Feminism and Poetry Comics

Ruth Stone Foundation Podcast, conversation with Bianca Stone


Diode Editions Book Contest, winner, 2017

Joan Grayson Poetry Prize, winner, May 2015

Poctaglio Poetry Contest, runner-up, judged by Teyhimba Jess, May 2014

Nelson Bently Fellowship, winner, June 2014

Milliman Scholarship, runner-up, June 2014

Waddell Scholarship, winner, June 2014


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